About Us!

Whelan y Asociados de México, is a leading firm of scientists and technicians, providing enviromental, safety and hygiene services to local, regional, and national clients. Our services are delivered on a timely basis and tailored to meet each of our clients' needs. We efficiently and effectively manage the achievement of every project, and focus on superior quality, scheldue and budgetary goals.

We assist our clients in achieving their business goals through the integration of innovative strategies and solutions to complex EHS problems from offices located in Reynosa and Monterrey, Mexico.

Mission Statement

  • To approach all projects with envioronmental regulations and requirements of the project on ersperctive and concert wih end-goals of the client.
  • To provide cost effective solutions for each project through the aplication of individual attention and innovative strategies.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We want to be your environmental consultants of choice. Your choice for quality. Your choice for service. Your choice for cost-effectiveness. We do that by following one simple rule.

Provide high quality EHS services at very competitive rates.


The Measure of Success

In the myriad of ways companies measure success, whether by revenues, profitability or stock prices, our barometer remains the same. "Would you use us again?" Our revenues are up, our growth speaks for itself. But, we are most proud of a single fact:

Nearly 100% of our new clients, remain our clients.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your needs and our capabilities in detail. Contact us today


Ph: 01152-899-955-3276
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