Whelan y Asociados  offers a range of environmental audit services, all carried out by experienced auditors. We believe the audit process should add value to the business and focus on the identification of opportunities as well as business threats.

We have provided the following audit services for a variety of clients :

Preliminary environmental review -

A baseline assessment audit tailored to your needs and priorities. Typically these audits provide organisations with detailed understanding of their environmental issues and the opportunities and threats that they represent.

Pre-certification audits - ISO14001 / EMAS -

As part of your environmental management system development we can audit your system before you call the certifiers to ensure not only that you are ready for certification but also that the system you are committing to best suits your needs.

Legal Compliance audits

For peace of mind or to prioritise performance improvements, legal compliance audits provide you with the 'bottom line' in terms of environmental standards. In addition a third party compliance audit can be an easy way of keeping your EMS up to date in terms of legal compliance requirements and can help fulfil the compliance check requirements of the revised ISO14001 standard.

ISO14001 / EMAS internal audits

Larger organisations can often benefit from the wider experience and fresher view that an external auditor can bring to their internal audit process. We get involved in internal audit programmes both as team members and as independent auditors.

Supply chain assessments

Many organisations are becoming interested in understanding the environmental performance in their supply chain both from an impact reduction and a liability limitation stand point. We have established methodologies for evaluating the environmental performance of suppliers that enable selection and improvement programmes to be targeted appropriately








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