Phase I Preliminary Environmental Assessment, Phase II Site Investigation, and Remedial Investigation services are part of Whelan y Asociados broad range of environmental site assessments. Our philosophy is to provide solutions, not simply study the problem.

Phase I Preliminary Environmental Assessments are used to evaluate the historical use of property and identify the presence of possible environmental impairment. All site investigations are tailored to provide the most cost-effective solution.

Phase II Site Investigation activities focus on intrusive sampling to assess or characterize soil and groundwater conditions. Depending on the nature of chemicals and the investigation, we can employ numerous screening techniques to maximize field time efficiency and minimize field and laboratory costs. To create an integrated, cost-effective solution, Whelan y Asociados follows this simple but proven strategy:

  1. Clearly define objectives, including short- and long-term planned property use
  2. Conduct due diligence activities to identify potential contaminants and pathways
  3. Collect the appropriate minimum amount of data to adequately characterize environmental liabilities, evaluate health-based risk, and determine appropriate remedial action
  4. Implement cost-effective remedial measures to meet the objectives of the project and comply with regulatory requirements


A well-planned and well-executed remedial investigation is the key to a successful project. Parsons has the breadth of experience and the resources necessary to provide high-quality technical assessments and investigations that offer the most cost-effective solutions.

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